Vanessa Kaster                                                           

Vanessa Kaster founded Kaster Legal in response to the rapid growth and changing dimensions of intellectual property development in our online/digital age.

Kaster Legal handles a wide range of copyright, trademark, business, licensing, registration, intellectual property and contract issues. 

Vanessa is a member of the New York Bar and has an LL.M. in International Intellectual Property Law from Queen Mary University of London.   



  • Member of the Copyright Society of the USA
  • Member of the New York Women's Bar Association
  • Member of NY City Bar and the NY State Bar Associations
  • Intellectual Property Law Section Member at the NY State Bar
  • Past Member of the NY City Bar Trademark Committee 
  • Singer/songwriter member of ASCAP
  • Notary Public in NY


  • Special Recognition Award from the New York Women's Bar Association


  • @iplegalfreebies

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